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Manager Wellbeing : Programme
Dr Jonathan Bloomfield




10:30AM – 4:30PM

Tickets £500 (reduced tickets available, send email to

This half-day event is designed to provide you with key resources needed to support your health and wellbeing for the next 12 months.

It begins with a 5 day & night Lifestyle Assessment involving a body-worn sensor to measure your daily physiology revealing how you respond to daily stress, how well you sleep, relax and recover, plus details of your physical activity, exercise and energy expenditure. During this period, you will also complete a reflective journal and a 5-day food diary for nutritional analysis.

This assessment provides a great starting point for making sustainable changes in health behaviour and creates a great opportunity for you to make future commitments towards your wellbeing, based on personalised information.

At the event, you will review your individual report and attend a workshop from a wellbeing specialist to learn about ways to take positive daily actions towards sustainable health improvement. You will then spend time identifying a set of personal goals, targets and an action plan towards achieving them, including how to be accountable.

Following the event, you will be able to continue tracking physical activity & exercise in our Virtual Fitness Club for 12 months.

What will I discover?

–  How you encounter daily stress and how to deal with it.

–  How well you recover at night and how to get better sleep.

–  Your fitness score (VO2max) and why this is important.

– A nutritional assessment and advice on how to improve.

– Thoughts, behaviours & actions that may be hindering your wellbeing.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for people of all ages who are seeking to be pro-active towards their health, wellbeing and lifestyle. It is ideal for motivated individuals or couples to come and improve together, or even for companies to send along groups of employees.

What outcomes could I expect to achieve?

Better Sleep | Reduced Fatigue | Improved Fitness | Increased Energy | Better Work-Life Balance | Stronger Immune System | Enhanced Focus | Better Weight Management | Improved Resilience | Increased Self-Efficacy | Reduced Health Risks | Positive Mindset

Before the Event…

Leading up to this event, you’ll complete a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment which involves measuring your body’s physiology through continuous heart rate measurement by wearing a small device for 5 days and nights to generate a personal report on your responses to stress, ability to recovery, sleep quality, physical activity, exercise effectiveness and energy expenditure. The device will arrive through the post and then be sent back in a pre-paid envelope prior to the event date for analysis & reporting.

During your measurement, you’re invited to complete a personal fitness assessment by going for a non-stop (brisk) walk on flat terrain at a moderate intensity for 30mins which will reveal your current physical condition, known as VO2max.

You will also perform a nutritional review involving a diet questionnaire and complete a 5-day food diary of everything you consume as well as a daily reflection of each of the days.

Once your analysis is complete, you will be issued with personal and confidential reports (via email) to bring to the event to review further.

During the Event…

There will be some more health & fitness profiling (so wear your leisure gear) including, body composition, blood pressure, lung function, hydration, strength, flexibility, speed & agility & leg power. All tests are optional and take less than 1 minute each to complete and all tests are suitable for everyone.

Dr Jonny Bloomfield will discuss practical tips to enhance sleep, nutrition and exercise, including how to set effective goals that lead to successful long-term changes in lifestyle. You’ll then be challenged to review your current lifestyle, consider ways to improve your wellbeing and then set effective goals, create an action plan and be able to discuss these with other group members (if you choose), sharing ideas and even create some accountability contracts.

You’ll also be issued with a MZ-3 heart rate belt, instructed how to set it up correctly & use effectively, according to World Health Organisation Physical Activity Guidelines, and be provided access to a Virtual Fitness Club for 12 months.

After a light lunch, you will be able to participate in a range of physical activity options before re-convening once more to wrap up the workshop and to make final commitments.

After the Event…

You will be highly focused & motivated to achieving your goals alongside your fellow group members. Evidence supports the fact that when commitments and goals are written down and shared with others, they are more likely to be achieved.

You will also be supplied with 3 x Wellbeing Coaching sessions to use across the next 12 months to review goals and continue to make progress. These sessions are 30mins in duration and will be delivered by phone/skype.

The Virtual Fitness Club will be used as a method to keep group members accountable to their exercise goals, providing motivation and continued engagement.

Event Summary:

– 5 Day & Night Lifestyle Assessment

– Report on sleep, stress, recovery, physical activity, exercise & calories.

– 5 Day Food Diary and summary report

– Predicted VO2max (fitness score) regarded in healthcare as a vital sign

– Further Health & Fitness Profiling at the Event

– 3 Hour workshop with a Leading Wellbeing Specialist at a top hotel venue.

– Light lunch (included) and a range of physical actvity opportunities.

– Establish clear wellbeing goals and receive wellbeing coaching

– MZ-3 Heart Rate Belt & 12-month access to a Virtual Fitness Club


What previous clients have said about Lifestyle Assessment:

* I found the assessment feedback to be very accurate regarding my wellbeing or lack of it. I would be interested in taking another assessment in 3 months. It has definitely changed my view of my health. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of wearing the device and getting these insights.

* I felt the assessment was excellent it helped prove some of the suspicions I already had about the effect of things such as working late into the evening had on my sleeping patterns and recovery. It also provided motivation for me to actively make changes to the amount of physical activity I undertake on a daily basis.

* Found the monitor to be incredibly accurate and the information session to be very revealing and helpful. For the first time I am able to pinpoint specific effects of certain activities/habits on my heart.

* A very interesting way of seeing the effect of lifestyle on our bodies and performance.

* I found the assessment a really worthwhile exercise to undertake. It was very informative and helped me to get a better lifestyle balance and will support improving my health and well being

* Great personal service. Many thanks

* Excellent exercise which provided very useful feedback

* The feedback was given in an informative and non-judgemental way which was really helpful.

* Great experience – learned a lot from it and plan to make some lifestyle changes to reach my 6-month goals.

* The Coach was excellent very perceptive and understanding and it is easier to understand the issues and changes required with the very visible evidence. I have already shared the positive experience with others.

* I found this experience very helpful. The feedback session was excellent. I would highly recommend.

* I found that it confirmed some of the thoughts I had already about my lifestyle and actually encouraged me to make the changes. Was also reassuring at the same time that only small changes could make a difference.

* Really helpful to see own personal lifestyle matters presented in a written form which helped focus me on specific issues. Good experience with a helpful coach.

* This was an excellent project and exercise to be involved in. It encouraged me to reflect on and change certain aspects of my lifestyle and work patterns and habits which were causing me stress. Self-care, discipline and motivation to improve my overall health and wellbeing has been boosted significantly by participating in this exercise. I would be very determined and motivated to take part in another assessment in 6 months time. 

* It gives you a good insight into the impact your lifestyle and work has on your stress and energy levels

* I was amazed at the results on recovery, and how other (exterior) factors impact on it. I could easily identify the times to the minute when disturbances eg noises, vibrations led to stress and anxiety. Identifying my stress triggers. Incredibly effective. I would and have already recommended to colleagues, friends and family

* It made me realize that my current lifestyle and state of mind isnt great, it made me think about seeking further help at some stage to help me get back to a better state of mind.

* I was surprised to learn that driving into work in rush hour, and home, was a relaxation period for me. For some it would be stressful for them. Overall excellent programme.

* This programme is something that can actually give people a wake up call to help improve their working life and every day to day life.

* Very interesting and happy I did it

* Found the experience to be positive and it presented me with a route map to taking forward some practical steps to improving my wellbeing.

* Excellent service provided in a very professional way. The results were very insightful.


Tickets £500

For further enquires, please email: