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We are a team of Human Performance Specialists who use Expertise in Science & Technology to help improve Performances in Sports, Businesses, Education and Healthcare through the improvement of the 3 key pillars of Human Health & Performance: Sleep, Nutrition and Physical Activity.
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Our Mission

To improve Health & Performance through a better understanding of Sleep, Nutrition and Physical Activity by providing data and personalised feedback to help create positive & sustainable changes in behaviour.

Sports We seek to help your athletes perform & win.
Business We seek to maximise your workforce productivity.
Education We seek to help you achieve your best results.
Healthcare We seek to create better health & well-being.

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Our Expertise


Are you Sleeping Enough? Is your Sleep of Good Quality? Do you always feel Fatigued? Our Services are designed to profile your sleeping patterns and reveal the answers…


Is your diet well-balanced? Are you eating all the right foods? Do you drink enough water? Our Services are able to give you a full profile of what you consume…


Do you perform enough Physical Activity? How well do you Exercise? Would you like a measurement of your Fitness? Our Services help to profile your movements…


Are you Balanced, Stressed or Struggling? Do you seek to become more productive? Our Services profile the Stress, Physical Activity and Recovery within your Lifestyle…

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Our Campaigns

Avoiding Burnout

Stress & Fatigue are two main contributors towards sickness, absence, reduced productivity and poor performance. A hectic work/life schedule without appropriate rest and recovery will lead to accidents, injuries and losses…

Preventing Obesity

Worldwide Obesity Statistics have nearly doubled since 1980. Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) regards childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century…

Active Ageing

Active ageing is the process of optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life, allowing people to realize their potential for Physical, Social, and Mental Well-Being…

Achieving Well-Being

Like Physical Health, we also need to protect our Mental Well-Being. By promoting physical activity and providing opportunities for relaxation and to socialise can increase your resilience to cope with life’s difficulties…

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Our Tools


Fatigue Science provides the world’s most advanced fatigue measurement technology, scientifically validated to enhance safety, performance and productivity.


Firstbeat has developed an innovative heart rate variability based analysis technology for measurement of stress, sleep, recovery, physical activity and exercise.


Nutritics is a software company which provides modern analytical tools to Nutrition Professionals for purposes of dietary assessments.


Garmin offers consumer Health & Fitness Technologies that we utilise for the tracking of Physical Activity & Exercise Performance.

Our Services


We perform accurate measurements of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, fitness and lifestyle to provide personalised feedback and help you to improve…


We’ve created a series of workshops to help teach lessons on how everyday lifestyle choices and behaviours really affect human health & performance…


Our range of specialists are available to meet with you & apply their expertise, helping to create optimum solutions towards enhancing health & performance…


We work closely with our technology partners and are able to provide you with information, demonstrations, quotations, installations, training & support…

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Our Customers

Implementing Solutions for teams and individuals at all levels to measure the Science of Performance and help to create a Winning Formula…Learn More
Measuring Stress, Fatigue and Well-Being of Employees and Executives to enhance Productivity, Safety and Business Performance…Learn More
Introducing our Services into Schools for Pupils to engage with and learn about Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity…Learn More
Providing opportunities for Healthcare Providers who also seek to implement our Technology Partners into their range of Services…Learn More

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Firstbeat technology has helped me put an essential framework around the S&C programme. I can make conditioning specific for the different game formats and prepare for the environments for which we play in.
Brendan Connor, Head of Conditioning, Cricket Ireland
Finnish companies have achieved many positive results in individual and organization-level occupational well-being projects utilizing Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments.
Watch the video HERE
Sanna-Mari Myllynen, Senior Manager, Nokia
It really did make us all sit up and take notice and absolutely had a positive effect. I think we are a much more productive team because of it.
Rebecca D'Arcy, Responsibility Manager, Orange
Providing the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments to all employees was a great way to offer yet another option for them to get more information about their well-being.
Greg Gonzalez, CEO and Owner, SQL Sentry

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