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We help to develop your mission, vision and performance goals and the strategy for developing a pathway that will lead to success.

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We monitor your stress, recovery, physical activity and fatigue to protect your health and maximise energy levels for performance.

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We provide behavioural coaching to support your performance so that you can unlock your potential, achieve your goals and enjoy more success.

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We provide performance support services to help people achieve their mission. We work with Individuals, Teams and Organisations, designing strategies, developing solutions and delivering increased performance.

What We Do


We design, develop and deliver performance solutions that enhance culture, wellbeing, engagement and productivity.

  • Character

  • Focus

  • Energy

  • Resilience

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Your experts are a cornerstone for our success, with innovative ideas that are at the forefront of wellbeing for all industries.

- HR Director of GRAHAM Group

We are absolutely delighted to have supported GRAHAM to win this prestigious Award

- MD of Support To Perform

GRAHAM have formulated a ‘Wellness High Achievement Model’

- Professor Dame Carol Black
Graham Award


Our team has a depth of expertise and experience across multiple sectors and industries.


We're proud to have provided performance support to the following organisations:

These services help individuals wake up to the need for healthier lifestyles. The need to improve wellbeing, both at home and at work, is exponentially increasing.

- Executive Director in Health Service

This has provided motivation for me to actively make changes to the amount of physical activity I undertake on a daily basis.

- Executive Director in SME

This has been a very positive experience for me, I aim to make changes to my lifestyle to benefit my health and lead a great example to my workforce.

- Director of Large Manufacturer