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Hands with Heart


We offer personalised health & wellness coaching services for the key people in your organisation.

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Hands with Heart


We provide group programmes that focus on enhancing the health & performance of every manager.

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Hands with Heart


We deliver wellbeing opportunities that enable all employees to increase their knowledge & engagement.

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We offer a flexible 4-stage approach when implementing our wellness solutions to best support employee wellbeing.





What We Do

Your experts are a cornerstone for our success, with innovative ideas that are at the forefront of wellbeing for all industries.

- HR Director of GRAHAM Group

We are absolutely delighted to have supported GRAHAM to win this prestigious Award

- MD of Support To Perform

GRAHAM have formulated a ‘Wellness High Achievement Model’

- Professor Dame Carol Black
Graham Award

Enhancing Wellbeing, Engagement & Productivity

We have a range of solutions available based on needs, ambitions and budgets.

Our Clients

We've been delighted to provide services to the following organisations:

These services help individuals wake up to the need for healthier lifestyles. The need to improve wellbeing, both at home and at work, is exponentially increasing.

- Executive Director in Health Service

This has provided motivation for me to actively make changes to the amount of physical activity I undertake on a daily basis.

- Executive Director in SME

This has been a very positive experience for me, I aim to make changes to my lifestyle to benefit my health and lead a great example to my workforce.

- Director of Large Manufacturer