Fatigue Science are a company based in Canada which provides the world’s most advanced fatigue measurement technology, scientifically validated to enhance safety, performance and productivity.

They provide clients with the only technology for quantifying fatigue based on objective data. It allows companies and individuals to see and understand how fatigue is affecting their workplace safety, performance and productivity.

Their complete fatigue risk management solutions include a scientifically validated sleep strap – Readiband™ – and a fatigue assessment safety tool – FAST®. These solutions allow organizations to accurately measure fatigue in the workplace and gain insight to allow them to decrease fatigue associated risks.

The Readiband is a wrist-worn device that automatically detects a wearer’s sleep and wake periods and characterizes the quantity and quality of sleep.

As a standalone tool, the Readiband can collect sleep data and convert it into an effectiveness score – which is viewable by the user at any time with the push of a button. If a score is encroaching on 70% – they are considered fatigue impaired.

Managers, coaches, and health and safety officers can also review aggregated team sleep data in our SleepConsultant online dashboard tool, allowing them to identify team fatigue hazards and understand overall effectiveness.

Readiband data can also be incorporated in FAST(See FAQ) to model and predict performance based on real data and future scheduling.


FAST is a  program that people in all areas of life to quantify the effects of various work-rest schedules on human performance. The diagram below helps to explain.


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  • Uses scientifically validated, patented algorithms to take sleep and activity data and model performance
  • Can make predictions based on assumptions or real data (Readiband data)
  • Identifies periods of increased fatigue risk and periods of optimized performance in schedules
  • Can predict the effects of jet-lag from travel on performance
  • Can be used to perform post-game or post-accident analysis to identify fatigue factors

Firstbeat are a Finnish company who have developed an innovative heart rate variability based analysis technology for measurement of stress, recovery and exercise. Their software products can be applied to improve performance and well-being in sports,  at work and in education.  They provide information that is rich in detail about exercise monitoring, stress assessment and recovery.

Their products provide valuable information about the impact of lifestyle on physiology. This information is used to deliver occupational health and performance consultation services. In competitive sports, their products are used as coaching tools. They also collaborate with exercise instrument manufacturers to include Firstbeat heartbeat analysis technology in advanced heart rate monitors. Altogether millions of individuals have already used their heartbeat analysis solutions!

Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 is a reliable R-R interval recording device for short and long-term measurements. The device is lightweight and easy to use: Attach the device directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and the Bodyguard 2 starts recording data automatically. Bodyguard 2 has been designed for 24h recordings and can be used during exercise and in other demanding conditions. Data from Bodyguard 2 can be downloaded directly to Firstbeat software.

  • Records heartbeat (R-R) and movement data
  • For 24h recordings
  • Light weight and unobtrusive
  • Thin, ergonomic design
  • Starts recording automatically when attached
  • Data download and battery charged directly via USB port

Download Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Guide – Click Here
Download Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Guide – Click Here

The heart can provide a vast amount of information about our body because heart rate is constantly adjusting, from beat to beat, to meet the demands of our everyday life. For this reason, heart rate is never constant – the time difference between two consecutive heartbeats changes from beat to beat. This variation is called heart rate variability, HRV.

Firstbeat’s analysis technology is based on recognition of different bodily reactions from heart rate and heart rate variability. For example, the following essential bodily functions affect the heartbeat:

  • Inhalation and exhalation, control of breathing
  • Hormonal reactions
  • Metabolic processes and energy expenditure
  • Autonomic nervous system adjustment
  • Physical activity, exercise and recovery from physical activity
  • Movement and changes in posture
  • Cognitive processess and mental load
  • Stress reactions, relaxation and emotional reactions

The solution can be compared to a graphics engine that performs calculations on the basis of Newtonian physics: Starting from heartbeat data, the Firstbeat engine computes and creates a digital model of the human body by performing realistic calculations about bodily states according to general physiological principles of the body’s functions.

Lifestyle assessments conducted with the Firstbeat analysis server are a tool for healthcare, well-being and fitness professionals to concretize the health effects of various lifestyle factors. The goal is to support individual well-being by measuring, for example, the sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep, and health and fitness effects of exercise. Assessments conducted with the Firstbeat analysis server bring out individual development areas and strengths in order to make it easier for well-being and health professionals to focus their guidance and action points for the client.

Lifestyle assessments are based on a server-based program (Firstbeat analysis server) that analyzes heartbeat measurement –based information, recognizing physiological changes in the body from heart rate variability.  The measurements are conducted in the normal daily life of the client – not in a laboratory environment.

To download the Firstbeat Lifestyle Brochure – Click Here

Nutritics is a cutting edge, UK/Ireland based diet, nutrition & exercise tracking & analysis software program for PC for nutritionists, dieticians, weightloss experts, athletes & sports nutritionists.

They are a software company who provide modern analytical tools to nutrition professionals. Their aim is to enhance customers work process and facilitate the implementation of evidence based practice in a time efficient manner. 

Founded in Ireland in 2011, Nutritics is dedicated to developing innovative, forward thinking technologies which will spearhead the health & fitness industries in the coming century. They champion design and usability and believe that keeping these principals at the core of our business makes our products stand out.