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Sugar with your coffee?
S2P Admin

Has your day started with an essential cup of coffee? Do you find the need to add sugar or compelled to eat something sweet to go with it?

According to a new study, caffeine decreases our ability to taste sweetness, which can make you crave it. In the study, two groups drank equal amounts of coffee, with one group was decaffeinated, and each had an equal amount of sugar added to their coffee. Interestingly, those in the caffeinated group rated their coffee as less sweet. Caffeine suppresses the receptors in the brain that promote relaxation and sleep – the same receptors that taste sweetness. It’s not hard to see, then, how regular coffee may encourage you to add extra sugar to your cup or opt for sweet treats on the side.

Our advice would be to start your day with some protein for breakfast and to avoid sugar in your coffee, it may reduce your risk of several diseases.

Source:  Caffeine May Reduce Perceived Sweet Taste in Humans, Supporting Evidence That Adenosine Receptors Modulate Taste