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S2P Admin

Some recent testimonials from our Manager Lifestyle Assessments.


Very insightful assessment. I have bought a fitness tracker as a result and intend to make significant changes to my exercise and sleep routines.


I found it very beneficial and would recommend to others.


I did the assessment with my husband and think we both came away with a better understanding of our overall stress / recovery / health levels. a very worthwhile exercise.


Thank you Jonny for some great insight.


The Lifestyle Assessment experience has made me take note of how little time and attention I was giving to my health and lifestyle needs. Jonny was excellent and made me re-evaluate my lifestyle and health needs going forward.


I’m not sure how it could be built upon, I had a very poor lifestyle assessment score by comparison to my own subjective assessment and so I’ve been able to do a lot of thinking about my lifestyle and areas where I need to make an improvement.


Wearing of the monitor was easy. Jonny took a lot of time in the feedback session to explain the results and look at areas for improvement helping me identify achievable actions.


Excellent experience thank you.