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What the Managers are saying…
S2P Admin

Since 2017, we have been providing our services to GRAHAM Construction. Here’s a snippet of some of the positive feedback we have been receiving:


The lifestyle assessment helped me focus on my personal wellbeing that is usually the last item on my priority list. The information received was very enlightening and has helped me critique my lifestyle and commit to making important changes.


My 1:1 meeting was interesting, informative and extremely enjoyable. Apart from the insightful nature of the meeting, my coach was genuinley interested in me and my well being and provided information, practical ideas as well as equipment and arranged a follow up session with a highly respected physio. Since our meeting he has contacted me on several occasions to see how I am getting on. I am extremely impressed with the service being provided to Graham Construction and for how passionate my coach is about improving my overall well being, I can’t thank him enough.


I found the Lifestyle Assessment really beneficial. I already take a lot of exercise, so didn’t think I had much to learn – but I was wrong!


Just a quick note to say that the Lifestyle Assessment and subsequent health and wellbeing sessions were brilliantly insightful and highlighted the effects which my bad habits were having on my health. It’s very easy to dismiss someone telling you to “do more exercise” and “drink less alcohol” etc. but the heart rate assessment shows the actual impact which lack of sleep or alcohol have in real time, which led to me getting a Garmin and tracking my fitness. The fitness goals which we set at the subsequent meetings have helped keep me motivated in my training and  I’m delighted with my recent PB at the half marathon. The assistance with the physio was greatly appreciated too, he was brilliant and helped me get back on track (otherwise the training could easily have slipped away at this point).


I would just like to say thank you for getting me starting with the running. I am thoroughly enjoying it and it has made a great difference to my life at the minute. If it were not for our meetings I would definitely not have started it as I always believed I was not a runner